Are you ready to rethink how you feel about work? 

I am a corporate wellness and yoga coach providing customised programmes which promote positive physical and mental wellbeing to the individual and the work team. These tailored packages explore unlocks barriers to performance and productivity through  goal settings, yoga, meditation, coaching and more. The greatest asset to you is that all programmes can be implemented both at work and at home - it's a 24/7 opportunity for everyone.

Kukoon Wellness works closely with individuals who predominantly work from a desk, implementing chair yoga to reduce repetitive strain injury and quick mindfulness techniques to promote optimised thinking when conducting work tasks. Such packages have been found to enhance productivity throughout the office and individuals find personal benefits which they can use outside of work.


Wellness at work has plentiful research suggesting reduced sickness and more productivity in the workplace when wellbeing of staff in nurtured.

Wellbeing is costing your business


Yoga and Meditation








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