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Amy Mckeown


I am not the most flexible yoga teacher out there but I am incredibly passionate about my yogi students and their journey. Many of my classes grow organically through my yogis loving the classes (and the fact they are often as flexible as me!). I welcome new faces into our amazing group filled with loving and caring energy.

You definitely don't have to have done yoga before, be flexible or strong, all you need is some self love and dedication to helping your own mental and physical wellbeing, and Kukoon Wellness will help you flourish.

Within my classes, I like to emphasize the harmony between the body and mind and encourage my clients to take a moment of self-reflection within their practice. We spend so much time seeing the external stimuli around us, we deserve to take the time to look within ourselves for strength and self-worth. We each deserve it.

​I wholeheartedly believe yoga is for every single person if they are just willing to let go and give it a chance. We are all made so uniquely and should celebrate that in our practice together. It is a beautiful art seeing how strong and able and yet how different we can each look in an asana when you look across the room.

Always Be You!




thank you for being here. I love to share the practice of yoga as a tool for a deeper, more connected way of life. together, our classes allow you to wrap yourself in solitude within, taking you away from your daily stresses and creating a healthy connection between your mind and body.

Taking classes online has been a journey for both you and I, and i want to make this platform as accessible as possible whilst not losing the ability to help you grow in your practice. together we can support one another and share our love for yoga, building our strength and unity within and spreading this energy with-out

This journey together; we can make it what we want. 


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Yoga + Fertility

Watch my video with myIVFanswers to hear about how yoga can help with fertility by controlling our emotions

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