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Whether trying for a baby naturally or through assisted reproductive technologies, it can feel stressful and fill you with anxiety. The journey goes from being exciting to overwhelming and often lonely. Kukoon Wellness supports you throughout your journey to become a parent. We work closely with you through all stages from STIMS and ovulation to postnatal care with our yoga care programs. 

Why Yoga?

Our yoga helps you to reduce your internalized stresses and anxiety while improving circulation, flexibility, and happy hormones; all beneficial for your reproductive health. This applies to men and women. Fertility Yoga is supported by research as a method of stress management for infertility, having beneficial effects on fertility to birth as well as reducing pain, depression, and reduced rate of assisted vaginal delivery.

Our classes focus on self-inquiry, self-compassion, and, mindfulness. We offer various packages to suit you. Pre-conception classes, prenatal classes, and postnatal care. There is not a part that we won't be there for you to support your mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing on this journey

Take your time to see what we can offer you and we always love to hear from you if you would like any more information If you prefer a private class, slide across to the right for more info

Some guidance to our classes

All classes are via zoom unless you desire private classes which can be either face to face or via Zoom

If you are trying for a baby then you are welcome to join any class within the timetable

If you are pregnant, congratulations, please select the prenatal classes, yin or private classes

If you have recently had a baby, please select the postnatal classes, yin or private classes



Kukoon Wellness understands how difficult it can be to want to share your headspace with others in a class and we often find many of our clients prefer 121 sessions, where the focus is purely on your mind and body and relieving your personal stresses, peacefully; without the interaction of others. It can be overwhelming to share your journey with others, some who may have similar experiences some who will differ.

We want you to know we are here, providing tailored classes of yoga and breathwork to suit you. Bring a partner if you wish or come to your own private, quiet space. These can be carried out online, locally, or can be in the comfort of your home, just message us for bespoke classes. 

Darbandi S, Darbandi M, Khorram Khorshid HR, Sadeghi MR. Yoga Can Improve Assisted Reproduction Technology Outcomes in Couples With Infertility. Altern Ther Health Med. 2018;24(4):50-55.

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